How do referrals work?

You send your special link to a friend to for them signup with. When they're paid into their Squirrel account you'll both receive £15 each for the pleasure. It's that simple!

There are a few conditions to how the referral scheme works.

  1. You and your friend will only get the money when you're paid into Squirrel. For most people this is on pay day, so both you and your friend will get the money then. N.B. A significant proportion of your income needs to be paid in for you to qualify. 
  2. You can refer as many people as you like but you can only get 5 referral bonuses per year. Any referrals over this will not be eligible for the referral bonus.

Still got questions? Let us know!

N.B. We reserve the right to cancel bonuses at anytime if we suspect misuse of the service.