Does Squirrel need to handle my full salary? No

You can manage all or part of your income with Squirrel, although it works best when it handles your whole salary. This allows Squirrel to be much smarter with how it manages your money.

If you decide not to manage all your income with Squirrel, just be sure to adjust the income stated in the app down to the level you’ll be paying in.

When it comes to your commitments, as long as you have included all (or the majority) of your commitments in your Squirrel budget, this will be held back in your Squirrel account until right before it's due.

With automatic setting aside, we're able to deduct money set aside before it hits your account. This makes it much easier to set money aside as it happens behind the scenes.

For people using weekly payments, we've found that it makes sense to hold back this money straight from salary, and then slowly pay it out as a regular allowance.

We're also able to be smarter when you get paid more or less. e.g. we're able to save extra money, or top up goals when you're paid more - which helps you keep on track with your goals!