How is saving with Squirrel different from my existing savings account?

Squirrel makes it easy to save and importantly helps to keep you motivated to not to withdraw your savings early - unlike a normal savings account.

  1. It's easy to create personalised savings pots for all the things you might want to save for. You can adding your own names and pictures to savings, and set goals and track progress - proven ways of staying motivated about your saving.
  2. Saving to your goals is automatic and is deducted before you're even paid. This means you don't notice the money being Squirrelled away and never forget to save!
  3. Your money is kept safe in your Squirrel account, separate from your normal bank account, so you're less tempted to dip into savings. It takes one working day for withdrawals to arrive, so you can resist those impulse buys.

Combine this saving with Squirrel's budgeting features and weekly payments and you'll find you can save so much more!

Here's how one of our customers personalised his savings: