What is the Squirrel guarantee?

Squirrel promises to always work hard to make sure your pleased, and to make you better with your money! 

However we also wanted to go further than that - and guarantee some key tenets that people have told us is especially important when getting to know us:

  • Access to your money within one working day: Always receive your money within one working day, whether that be a withdrawal or you asking to close your account - We’ll always pay out any money from your Squirrel account to your regular account within one working day if you ask for it.
  • No contract, easy cancellation: You’re free to leave Squirrel any time with NO fees or penalties. All you need to do is tell us in-app, on the phone or over email.
  • No hidden fees: Squirrel will never charge you anything but your monthly subscription fee - clearly shown on your commitments page.

We've never broken any of these promises yet, but if pigs fly and we ever do - just let us know - and we'll do everything in our power to make it right - and even take you out for a nice dinner to say we're sorry!