How do I know I can trust Squirrel with my money?

We want you to trust that Squirrel will make your life easier when it comes to budgeting, and that your money is safe with us.

Here are some (fun) facts about who we are:

  1. We're FCA regulated. What's the FCA? The Financial Conduct Authority. They make sure that there's no funny business when it comes the finances of people like you and companies like us. You can look us up on their website, we're number 619488 under Squirrel Financial Wellbeing Ltd.
  2. We're backed by the Cabinet Office. We're partially funded by the Governments Cabinet because they know that Squirrel is a helpful and important financial tool.

A lot of people think Squirrel is pretty great. The Sunday Times said "if budgeting is your issue, Squirrel can better help you to manage your money." We think so too.

The Evening Standard, Financial Times and Bloomberg have also given Squirrel a big thumbs up but what matters more to us is that we help you feel good about your money.