What happens to money above my declared income?

Your budget is based on your planned minimum monthly income. When you receive more money than this, e.g. from bonuses or overtime, this "extra" money will be added to savings as follows:

  1. We'll try to make sure that planned commitments that fall on a strange date before your next pay date are covered. (Dates vary because of weekends and bank holidays, and we try to plan for this).
  2. We'll try to top up savings that are behind your target, to keep you on track.
  3. The remainder will be saved to your nominated savings pot. You can then move this into other savings or withdrawn as needed.

We do this because it's best to withdraw money when you need it - rather than have it sitting there in your bank account burning a hole! 

You can find your "extra" savings pot in the income section of the app.