How do I get money into Squirrel?

Your Squirrel account is held in your name and has its own sort code and account number. There are 2 ways most customers get money into Squirrel.

  1. You can use this sort code and account number to pay money in yourself using a bank transfer. This is good for testing out how Squirrel works for you.
  2. Most customers then go on to have their income (salary, benefits payments etc) paid directly into their account. This is as simple as updating your details with your employer or changing the account details on invoices you send out (if you're self employed). This is easier to manage, as you don't need to do anything manually yourself, and means extra money like bonuses are automatically handled for you.

Once money arrives into your Squirrel account you'll be notified that money has arrived.

NB. Please note that Squirrel only accepts normal UK bank transfers (Faster payments and BACS transfers). International transfers using SWIFT, and high value transactions using the CHAPS service will fail, and the money will be returned to the senders account.