How do I get money into Squirrel?

Your Squirrel account is held in your name and has its own sort code and account number. You receive your account details by email when you open a Squirrel account and these will always be available under your profile when you login.

You can use your Squirrel sort code and account number to pay money in yourself using a bank transfer. You can also choose to set up a standing order into your Squirrel account for payday.

Most customers go on to have their income(s) paid directly into their Squirrel account. This is as simple as updating your details with your employer. This may also be easier to manage, as you don't need to do anything when payday comes around, and it means that extra money (like bonuses) are automatically handled for you by Squirrel.

Once money arrives into your Squirrel account, you'll be notified that money has arrived by email. You can also see a record of deposits and how they’ve been broken down in the payments section of your account when you login.