What does it mean to 'turn on' my account?

‘Turning on’ your Squirrel account is the final part of setting up your account. This involves giving us a bit more information to get you up and running including:

  • personal details to verify your address and identity, and
  • your current account details so we know where to transfer funds from your Squirrel account in line with the monthly plan that you set within the Squirrel app.

The final step once you’ve provided this information is to activate your Squirrel account by making your first deposit using your Squirrel account details.

Remember 2 things:

  • Squirrel does not take money out of your account. The deposit needs to made by you.
  • You do not need to deposit your whole salary into Squirrel if you’re not ready or if you’re between paydays. Simply deposit what you’re comfortable with today and Squirrel will start funding parts of your plan from the date of your deposit moving forward.